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  Accident sickness and unemployment insurance

At some point we all take time off from work due to sickness. Most of us for short periods of time and some of us for longer.

In addition what if your employer suddenly announces that you are to be made redundant how are you going to meet those mortgage payments before you manage to find another suitable job.

For these two reasons we have Accident Sickness and Redundancy insurance cover or as it is also known accident sickness and unemployment cover. More commonly seen on bank loans and car loans it is designed to meet the mortgage payments for a given period of time or until you return to work, if you are unable to work due to accident sickness or unemployment due to redundancy. It should be noted that with these plans redundancy is the keyword and not dismissal for any other reason or even resignation.

Having scoured the market place for the best and lowest cost cover for clients requiring accident sickness and redundancy insurance cover we have managed to secure cover that starts from as little as 2.45pm per 100.00pm of cover* meaning you could cover a 400.00pm mortgage for as little as 9.80pm.

Cover is flexible you can have redundancy only, sickness only or full accident sickness and unemployment insurance cover.

In addition to the already very competitive premiums your will also qualify for the first three months free, yes 3 months free. That will make it probably the cheapest plan in the market place. 

Having dealt with the provider Payment Shield for nearly 10 years and them being a major insurer in this area means that we have the confidence to recommend all our clients to it.

So if is a quote you want why not use our free quotation system and should you like the quote that you receive then you can apply online without any of the hassle of all those forms to write out. Just click on the mortgage button at the top of this page or click here now

All this with the piece of mind of knowing that a major insurer such as payment shield are covering you.


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