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  Travel Insurance

According to a Post Office survey:-

20% of travellers have no Travel Insurance at all.

42% of clients do not read the small print pertaining to their travel insurance policy 

60% of people travelling with insurance have taken their policy out through the company that they booked their holiday with.
Startling statistics but true. The moral is -

20% of us definitely need to take out some cover. 

100% need to read the policy wording now before we need to read it later when it might just be too late. 

As for the 60% who let apathy set in and take their cover out with the travel agent, have you seen how much cheaper it can be if you do it yourself? In some cases this can outweigh any discount you actually get on the holiday for doing it with them, so think on.
Hopefully none of the people reading this will ever have to claim on their travel insurance but there are steps you can take that can limit the chances of have to make a claim :-

1. Keep all your money save. Make sure you only have in cash what is truly necessary keep the rest in travellers cheques. Make sure that you keep a record of those in another place so if you do lose them or have them stolen you will be able to replace them easy enough.

2. Make sure that you have any necessary boosters and injections for the country that you are visiting. If you are going to a tropical country ensure that you do your health research way in advance as some medication needs to start some time prior to your departure.

Additional health information is available here :-

3. If you are going to take trips such as hiking diving etc make sure they are with a suitably qualified individual who knows the area and any hazards that you might encounter.

4. If you are embarking on any trips ensure that you inform someone else of your arrangements so if you go missing they will be able to alert someone to your possible whereabouts.

5. Always check with the Foreign Office that the place that you are travelling to is safe. Use the link below you will also find other helpful hints and tips there:-

6. If you have a mobile phone make sure it is set up for roaming. Ringing your mobile operator and asking them should be able to answer that. Once it is make sure that it is fully charged so if you need it in an emergency you will have it. On that note make sure you have a copy of all the likely phone numbers that you might need and familiarise yourself with the local and international dialling codes both for the country of your destination and the UK, you never know when you might need them. 

7. Finally last but by no means least, after you have made sure you have your travel insurance, have a great time and don't forget to send us a postcard He! He!

So to obtain a travel insurance quote please click the "Quote me now" button below.


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