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  Car insurance

There are two reasons for car insurance one is in order to drive a car legally which is what the Third Party Liability bit on the insurance is for and the other is to protect that valuable assets that belongs to you.

Before you jump into doing a quote you should read the brief information below as it will give you an indication as to what will be asked of you before you can obtain a suitable quote so reading this now may save time later.
If you didn't already know there are three levels of cover available :-

1. Third Party

2. Third Part Fire and Theft

3. Fully Comprehensive

At the very least you need to have number one to comply with the road traffic act.

Now the difference between how much you value your prize possession and affordability depends on which cover you go beyond that.

Obviously as you go up the scale the costs get greater but the cover also appreciates. With that in mind it is a consideration that should not be taken lightly.

Other aspects that should be taken into account are :-

Do you want social domestic and pleasure cover, do you want that to include commuting to an from one place of work.

Will you need class one business use.

Do you want windscreen cover.

What excess are you prepared to accept.

Do you want legal protection cover included. This is important with car insurance, because if you have an accident and it is not your fault the legal cover can ensure that all your costs are met in full without you have to put your hand in your pocket at outset.

Will this be your main car do you have the use of another as this can reduce the premiums.

How much is your current no claims bonus. Do you want it protected.

Where will the car be kept over night.

Have you had any previous claims or accidents.

Have you any convictions.

All these things any many more will have an impact on your premiums depending on the answer they can either raise or reduce what you ultimately have to pay.

With all insurance you should always give a full and truthful answer as failure to do this will result in you being un-insured. The difference with car insurance this could result in a serious motoring offence, so get it right.

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